Friday, August 13, 2010

The ALL NEW Playmobil Fire Rescue Set is IN!

A new product showed up at our doorstep today: the NEW Playmobil Fire Rescue Set ! This set has by far been the most anticipated set of the year.  The collection includes seven new items: the Fire Station (4819), the Fire Fighter Truck and Ladder (4820), the Fire Engine (4821), the Fire Chief and Car (4822), the Fire Fighting Boat (4823), the Fire Fighting Helicopter (4824), and last but not least, Firefighters with Water Pump (4825).

There are tons of cool features when it comes to this collection. For one, the Fire Fighter Truck and Ladder (4820) and the Fire Engine (4821) are both compatible with the Playmobil Remote Control (4320). Both engines are also equipped with flashing lights! Just add 2 AAA batteries (not included) to see them flicker!

The fun features don’t stop there! Firefighters with Water Pump (4825), Fire Fighting Helicopter (4824) and Fire Fighting Boat (4823) take make-believe play to a whole new level: they really squirt out water! As you might already know, all Playmobil boats float in the water. That being said, don’t be shy to bring your new Fire Fighting Boat into the bath with you! If you attach the Underwater Motor (7350), it will zoom around the bath or pool all on its own!

And what would a Fire Rescue set be without a Fire Station? Fire Station (4819) is full of useful fire fighting equipment, such as shovels, oxygen tanks, axes, fire extinguishers, and the like. To be as true to life as possible, as Playmobil always is, it even comes with a fireman pole that the little figures can actually slide down! Did I mention that the gates are wide enough to allow the new fire trucks to pass through? Now that we have a Fire Station, we need a chief too! And Playmobil does not disappoint with its new Fire Chief and Car (4822)!

With this new Playmobil collection, your child and his or her fire rescue team will quickly become the new heroes of the Playmobil town!

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