Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stone Age Adventures with Playmobil!

Let Playmobil take you back a couple million years; back to the Stone Age!  Jouets Choo-Choo customers and employees alike are very excited about the arrival of this new historical collection!  The Stone Age comes to life in this fascinating new Playmobil theme.

Experience cave life with the Playmobil Stone Age cave that comes fully equipped with a family of four cave people, a mammoth, lots of hunting tools, as well as stickers to decorate the cave walls!

Right next door to the multilevel cave live the mammoth hunters!  They live in a mammoth-bone tent.  The bones of the tent can actually be assembled to build a full mammoth skeleton!  The three hunters provide food for the whole community!

Complete your set with some of the other fun sets in the Stone Age collection, including a pair of mammoths, a couple of ferocious saber-tooth tigers, and a beastly cave bear.  Rawr!

You can view the whole collection right here!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A visit to the Playmobil Vet Clinic

Today, Mister Whiskers has a checkup at the vet clinic.  Mom and brother accompany him to see the doctor.  At the clinic, there are many other animals too see!  In the waiting room there are a pair of parrots.  Boy, do they like to chatter!  There is a little white rabbit, a puppy, some guinea pigs...

Mister Whiskers can see another kitty in the waiting room.  He is waiting to see the vet so he can have a cast removed his tail.

Finally, it is Mister Whiskers' turn in the examination room.  Inside you can see all the different types of machines and medical equipment the vet uses: an ultrasound machine, a scale, bandages and ointments.  There are some are small animal enclosures and beds where animals can rest and recuperate after an operation.

On the exam table, the vet listens to Mister Whiskers' heart, looks inside his ears with a light, feels his belly.  Everything looks good!  Mister Whiskers is in excellent health!  See you next year, doctor!
 This new addition to the Playmobil animal clinic series is a very practical take-along set!  You can store ALL the pieces inside.  This set stands alone, or can be added to your other animal clinic sets.  It is available to purchase on the Jouets Choo-Choo online store.

Friday, March 16, 2012

What's the big deal about LOOT BAGS?
These days, kids have come to expect a goody bag upon leaving a friend's birthday party.  To throw a successful party, loot bags are as essential as planning a cool theme, or having a really awesome birthday cake.  

But the problem with loot bags is that kids keep coming home with the same old dollar store junk.  What are our customers' most common complaints about those dollar-store item? To list a few:
"It breaks within minutes"
"They only play with it for a little while"
"It ends up in the garbage" get the idea...

Unbeknownst to many of our customers out there, Jouets Choo-Choo actually offers a free loot bag service.  Yeah, you read that right, it says free-- but I'll get to that part in just a moment.  The loot bags that we offer contain fun little trinkets that kids really get a kick out of.  We've got things they can craft and build, things they can throw and chase, neat things to write with, interesting erasers, etc... And they won't break the bank.  When you order loot bags from Jouets Choo-Choo, they are custom made to your liking, and to fit your budget.

OK, so how does the "free" part work exactly?  Well, we offer the service at no charge.  There is no service charge, you don't pay for the bags, you don't pay extra for name tags... That means that you only pay for the items you choose to put in the loot bags.  You can choose as much or as little as you like! The average loot bag goes for $4-$6.  For that amount you can usually get a bag with 3-4 cool items.  Here are some examples:

Creativity for Kids craft kits! Great as a one-item loot bag $5.99
Playmobil "Specials" $3.49

Mars Mud!  Gross fart putty that is always a winner $1.99

Frog to Prince!  Add water and live happily ever after $2.99
Airplane Glider! Build it and fly it! $3.99

Pens, Pencils, and funky erasers!  $0.49 - $1.99

Wooden Train Whistle!  Great for the really little ones $1.99

 Monstaz!  An awesome single-item loot bag! $5.99

And there's tons more to see in store.

So you would like to have some custom loot bags made by Jouets Choo-Choo?

How Many Kids will be at the Party? 
Have your list of guests (and their ages) on hand.  Be ready to tell us how many kids will be attending the party.

Of course there are always last-minute RSVP's...  If someone should RSVP after you have ordered your loot bags, no worries!  Just give us a call, we'd be glad to add a few loot bags to your order at the last minute.

As for those who show up unannounced, have 1-2 gender-neutral loot bags made just in case.  If they are left over, they can always go to the birthday boy/girl, a neighbour, a cousin...

When is the Party?
It is really important that we have enough notice to prepare your loot bags. You should come to the store to order your loot bags five days in advance.  For example, if you have planned your birthday party for Saturday, then order your loot bags no later than Monday. For very small orders (2 to 5 loot bags), we may be able to prepare them on the spot, if it isn't too busy in the store.

Customizing your Loot Bags
This is where the expertise of our staff comes into play!  Tell us the age group(s) of your guests, and we'll be able to give you lots of age-appropriate suggestions.   Create a loot bag with a whole bunch of fun trinkets, or choose a larger single-item gift like a craft kit or a small Playmobil.  We're always trying to find new and different items for you to impress your guests.  We've got something for every age group, and every budget!

Once you've picked out your items, it's time to decide on a final touch.  You can choose to label the loot bags with the name of each kid attending your party, perhaps you'd prefer a more simple "Thank You!".  Or maybe you've got something else in mind; just let us know!

Payment and Pickup
As mentioned before, the service is free :)  No charge for bags, or ribbon, or name tags!  All loot bag orders must be paid for in advance.  Once paid, you can forget about it and leave the rest to us!  Decide on a pickup date (and time!) that's convenient for you, and you'll be on your way!

Hope to see you soon ;)

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spend the day with us at the Playmobil farm!

Time to get up and start the day at the Playmobil farm!  There’s lot’s to do; everybody does their part to help.

First things first!  Grain is needed to feed all the animals on the farm.  A worker goes to fill up his tractor at the silo, then brings the grain to the barn (it’s a working silo that really dispenses grain!). 

Little sister starts her day by feeding all the little animals: the rabbits, the kitties, the goat, the piggies… Sister’s chores also include feeding the hens.  The hens hop off their little nest to peck at the grains on the ground.  This is sister’s chance to collect the eggs.  She’s careful not to break any!

Brother helps Dad to feed the cows.  When brother was very little, the cows looked so big and scary.  Now that he has grown, he isn’t scared anymore and enjoys caring for these docile creatures.  Time to milk the cows!  There are two big canisters to fill and bring back to the farmhouse market.

Mom is busy at work too.  She has to set up the market out in front of the farmhouse where all the eggs, produce, and milk of the day will be sold.  She writes all the prices on the chalkboard (it’s a real chalkboard that you can write on too!).  She also takes time to tend to the flower boxes, tidy up the house, and she prepares a hearty lunch for everyone who has been hard at work on the farm.

There are lots of helping hands at the farm.  People are always needed to pick the fruits and vegetables.  There are cauliflower, peppers, cucumbers, carrots, cabbage (all of which can actually be plucked out of the garden), and red delicious apples (that can really be picked off the branches!)

When all the work is done, everyone heads back to the farmhouse.  All the fruits, veggies, eggs, and milk are displayed neatly in front of the house, ready for people to purchase.  Everything looks so fresh and yummy!

After a hard day’s work on the farm, the family huddles together around the fireplace for a relaxing evening of story-telling and hot-chocolate.

Nine new items to collect in the Playmobil farm series.  The barn houses the cow and pig enclosures, and features a working silo that can really dispense grain.  The new tractor can transport hay, and drive it right into the barn, as it fits through the barn's main doors.  The farmhouse doubles as the farm's shop.  It includes kitchen and bedroom furniture, and features a cute vegetable garden with vegetables that can really be harvested.  The apple tree also has apples that can be plucked from the branches.  Collect all the animals, including the calf, the pigs, the rabbits, and the kittens!

Playmobil's BRAND NEW farm series is now available to buy in-store or online through the Jouets Choo-Choo online store!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Retour en classe! Back to School!

Quand le retour en classe rime avec les fêtes d’amis!

C’est le retour en classe et vous savez tous ce que cela signifie! Le temps du magasinage de fournitures scolaires, mais surtout le temps des fêtes d’amis qui recommence!

Les invitations arrivent à la tonne et vous ne savez pas comment y arriver? L’équipe de Jouets Choo Choo est là pour vous aider!

Dites-nous si le cadeau s’adresse à un garçon ou une fille, l’âge et le montant que vous souhaitez débourser et nous nous occupons du reste. Nous trouvons toujours quelque chose d’approprier pour tous les budgets, et surtout, qui fera plaisir au fêté. De plus, soyez assurés de trouver quelque chose d’original, étant donné que nous n’avons aucun jouet se retrouvant dans les magasins à grande surface. Nous avons une grande variétée de jeux pour un ou plusieurs joueurs, des casse-têtes, kits de créativité et des jouets de construction! Venez voir notre vaste sélection en magasin ou sur notre boutique en-ligne à Jouets Choo Choo.

Nous avons des nouveautés dans les jeux Smart Games comme les jeux « Trucky 3 » et « Pingouins sur Glace » ou même des ensembles de créativité comme le kit « Créez votre propre Brillant à Lèvres »!
Aussi, vous pourrez acheter un de nos mignons sacs cadeaux Jouets Choo Choo. Notre personnel se fera un plaisir de vous faire un magnifique emballage cadeau.

When back to school means back to buying gifts for classmates!

It’s that time of the year again! It’s back to school and you all know what that means; no, not school supplies, but Birthday Parties!

Yes, how quickly we forget those endless birthday party invitations. Well, don’t worry because the Choo Choo staff is here to save you!

Just tell us the age you are looking for, price point and if it’s for a boy or girl and we will do the rest. We guarantee we will find something that fits every budget and more importantly, something that the child will enjoy receiving. Plus you can be sure it will be something original since we don’t really carry anything that you can find at the bigger stores. We have a wide variety of multi-player and solitaire games, puzzles, crafts and building toys! Come check out our huge selection either in store or on our online shop at Jouets Choo Choo

We've got some great new games from Smart Games like "Trucky 3" and "Penguins on Ice" or some really cool crafts like "Create your own Glitter Gloss" set!

You can also pick up one of our colourful gift bags and our staff will be happy to wrap it all up for you so you truly don’t need to worry about anything!


Monday, August 15, 2011

A busy day at the Playmobil Grand Mansion!

The Grand Mansion is bustling with people. It's Saturday and there's lots to do! The floors need to be vacuumed, the bathroom cleaned, the furniture dusted and the table to be set. 

"Quick, quick! Don't forget to put away all your toys" yelled Mom from the top of the stairs.
"Ok Mom" answered the children grumpily.
There are guests coming over and the house must look wonderful.

"John, have you changed the baby's diaper yet?"
"I'm taking care of it right now, don't worry."


"Elizabeth, please do hurry up in the bathroom. I have to give the kids a bath."
"Just a minute Mom, I'm brushing my hair." 

"Oh dear! The kitchen is a mess! And I still have to put the chicken in the oven. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on it with a bit of rosemary and some potatoes on the side. That looks lovely! Now, it's time to feed the dog and give baby her bottle of milk.

Wow, it's a lot of work taking care of a big house like this. But it really is such a beautiful house" thought Mom to herself. (The Grand Mansion has 3 floors, 5 large rooms and 2 balconies!)

"Alright, I've tidied up all the rooms, children are clean, the chicken will be done any minute now. I hope I'm not forgetting someth..."

Ding dong! (The doorbell actually works! How cool is that?)

"Oh my goodness, the guests have arrived! 
Hello! Sit down and make yourselves comfortable"

She poured them each a drink and relaxed the rest of the night. The dinner was perfect and Dad even brought some ice cream for dessert.

What a wonderful evening at the New Playmobil Grand Mansion. There are so many accessories that you can add to make the house beautiful! What kind of adventure will the Playmobil family encounter next? We want to hear your stories!

You can find the entire Playmobil Dollhouse collection in store at Jouets Choo Choo  in Pointe-Claire, Quebec and online at 
Order yours today!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Silly Bandz

Exciting news everyone! Jouets Choo-Choo is THE place to come for Silly Bandz! Although seemingly nothing more than silicone bracelets,  because they come in so many fun shapes and colors, kids everywhere are embracing this craze with open arms!

The bands themselves were originally designed in Japan by Yumiko Hashi and Masanori Haneda in 2002. They were meant to be a cuter, stronger alternative to rubber bands, and thus created in an attempt to conserve office supplies.

When Silly Bandz creator Robert Croak first saw these bands, he knew that, if marketed as an item that could be both worn and collected, these bands could become something fun and fashionable. In November 2008 the Silly Bandz as we know them were born.

Silly Bandz are fun and cute, and kids of all ages are wearing them. From preschoolers to high school kids, everyone has them! And if you stop by Jouets Choo-Choo, a pack of 24 Silly Bandz can be yours for $5.99 CDN (+txs)! Come quick before they run out! Call us at our Pointe-Claire (514-697-7550) or Brossard location (450-445-1552) for details on which models we have in stock!