Monday, August 15, 2011

A busy day at the Playmobil Grand Mansion!

The Grand Mansion is bustling with people. It's Saturday and there's lots to do! The floors need to be vacuumed, the bathroom cleaned, the furniture dusted and the table to be set. 

"Quick, quick! Don't forget to put away all your toys" yelled Mom from the top of the stairs.
"Ok Mom" answered the children grumpily.
There are guests coming over and the house must look wonderful.

"John, have you changed the baby's diaper yet?"
"I'm taking care of it right now, don't worry."


"Elizabeth, please do hurry up in the bathroom. I have to give the kids a bath."
"Just a minute Mom, I'm brushing my hair." 

"Oh dear! The kitchen is a mess! And I still have to put the chicken in the oven. Sprinkle some salt and pepper on it with a bit of rosemary and some potatoes on the side. That looks lovely! Now, it's time to feed the dog and give baby her bottle of milk.

Wow, it's a lot of work taking care of a big house like this. But it really is such a beautiful house" thought Mom to herself. (The Grand Mansion has 3 floors, 5 large rooms and 2 balconies!)

"Alright, I've tidied up all the rooms, children are clean, the chicken will be done any minute now. I hope I'm not forgetting someth..."

Ding dong! (The doorbell actually works! How cool is that?)

"Oh my goodness, the guests have arrived! 
Hello! Sit down and make yourselves comfortable"

She poured them each a drink and relaxed the rest of the night. The dinner was perfect and Dad even brought some ice cream for dessert.

What a wonderful evening at the New Playmobil Grand Mansion. There are so many accessories that you can add to make the house beautiful! What kind of adventure will the Playmobil family encounter next? We want to hear your stories!

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  1. WOW! This looks SO COOL! I want this for Christmas.....SO BAD! :)