Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Honk your horns! Chuggington Trains now available at Jouets Choo-Choo!

Little engineers will be happy to hear that Jouets Choo-Choo now carries Chuggington Die-Cast Trains ! Although not yet available for purchase in the United States, Jouets Choo-Choo presently has the collection in stock and ready to ship out throughout the U.S.A. and Canada!

For those of you not yet aware, Chuggington is a new children’s television show centered around trains living in the town of Chuggington. The storyline is centered around three main trains: Wilson, Brewster, and Koko. In this town, there are two kinds of trains: Chuggers and Trainees. Set up to resemble parent-child relationships, Chuggers teach Trainees all about train life in Chuggington. They learn both practical skills to become efficient trains, as well as life lessons that allow them to become good friends and honest people.  No doubt wonderful role models for your little train aficionados!

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