Friday, September 3, 2010

School is IN Session with Playmobil's New Collection!

What’s that I hear? The school bell is ringing! Time to get back to class!

Playmobil must have heard the same bell, as the brand new Playmobil School Collection is here, right in time for the new school year!

Is your little one starting school for the first time? Or maybe he or she is nervous about going back? If so, this new collection might be the perfect way to ease those fears. School is fun in Playmobil Land and Playmobil love learning new things with your child as their teacher! In the new Playmobil Furnished School (4324), not only can your child ring the school bell to mark the beginning and end of the day, he or she can even teach their subjects their ABC’s, 123’s and all kinds of other things with its functional black-board! The school comes with nine Playmobil figures, including six children and three adults, chairs, tables, computers, and a variety of other school essentials.

A school just isn’t a school without a School Gym (4325) and Playmobil’s does not disappoint. Filled with a healthy choice of sports equipment, this gym is designed to keep Playmobil figures fit, not to mention encourage your children to engage in healthy activities!

Gym is not the only important class in school. Some kids just love to build, and Playmobil’s Woodshop Class (4326) was designed especially for them! This set comes with tools such as a saw, a hammer, and a wood-cutting machine, among others. They even thought to include a first-aid kit to make sure all boo-boos are properly bandaged!

Another favorite class is music, and the School Band (4329) gives your Playmobil the opportunity to try the tam-tam, xylophone, guitar and maracas!

After Gym, Woodshop and Music classes, just about any Playmobil would be dreaming about getting some lunch, and the School Cafeteria (4327) is perfect for that! This set includes a working vending machine, utensils, food and other accessories to make lunchtime fun for all student Playmobil figures!

Now that the school day is finally over, it’s time to walk or bike home. And thankfully, Playmobil has helped us in that area too! The Crossing Guard with Kids set (4328) comes with a cross guard, a crosswalk, a pedestrians crossing sign, two children and a bike. No doubt an essential to promote safe travel for your children. Don’t forget to look both ways!

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