Thursday, June 14, 2012

Stone Age Adventures with Playmobil!

Let Playmobil take you back a couple million years; back to the Stone Age!  Jouets Choo-Choo customers and employees alike are very excited about the arrival of this new historical collection!  The Stone Age comes to life in this fascinating new Playmobil theme.

Experience cave life with the Playmobil Stone Age cave that comes fully equipped with a family of four cave people, a mammoth, lots of hunting tools, as well as stickers to decorate the cave walls!

Right next door to the multilevel cave live the mammoth hunters!  They live in a mammoth-bone tent.  The bones of the tent can actually be assembled to build a full mammoth skeleton!  The three hunters provide food for the whole community!

Complete your set with some of the other fun sets in the Stone Age collection, including a pair of mammoths, a couple of ferocious saber-tooth tigers, and a beastly cave bear.  Rawr!

You can view the whole collection right here!

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