Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A visit to the Playmobil Vet Clinic

Today, Mister Whiskers has a checkup at the vet clinic.  Mom and brother accompany him to see the doctor.  At the clinic, there are many other animals too see!  In the waiting room there are a pair of parrots.  Boy, do they like to chatter!  There is a little white rabbit, a puppy, some guinea pigs...

Mister Whiskers can see another kitty in the waiting room.  He is waiting to see the vet so he can have a cast removed his tail.

Finally, it is Mister Whiskers' turn in the examination room.  Inside you can see all the different types of machines and medical equipment the vet uses: an ultrasound machine, a scale, bandages and ointments.  There are some are small animal enclosures and beds where animals can rest and recuperate after an operation.

On the exam table, the vet listens to Mister Whiskers' heart, looks inside his ears with a light, feels his belly.  Everything looks good!  Mister Whiskers is in excellent health!  See you next year, doctor!
 This new addition to the Playmobil animal clinic series is a very practical take-along set!  You can store ALL the pieces inside.  This set stands alone, or can be added to your other animal clinic sets.  It is available to purchase on the Jouets Choo-Choo online store.

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