Friday, March 16, 2012

What's the big deal about LOOT BAGS?
These days, kids have come to expect a goody bag upon leaving a friend's birthday party.  To throw a successful party, loot bags are as essential as planning a cool theme, or having a really awesome birthday cake.  

But the problem with loot bags is that kids keep coming home with the same old dollar store junk.  What are our customers' most common complaints about those dollar-store item? To list a few:
"It breaks within minutes"
"They only play with it for a little while"
"It ends up in the garbage" get the idea...

Unbeknownst to many of our customers out there, Jouets Choo-Choo actually offers a free loot bag service.  Yeah, you read that right, it says free-- but I'll get to that part in just a moment.  The loot bags that we offer contain fun little trinkets that kids really get a kick out of.  We've got things they can craft and build, things they can throw and chase, neat things to write with, interesting erasers, etc... And they won't break the bank.  When you order loot bags from Jouets Choo-Choo, they are custom made to your liking, and to fit your budget.

OK, so how does the "free" part work exactly?  Well, we offer the service at no charge.  There is no service charge, you don't pay for the bags, you don't pay extra for name tags... That means that you only pay for the items you choose to put in the loot bags.  You can choose as much or as little as you like! The average loot bag goes for $4-$6.  For that amount you can usually get a bag with 3-4 cool items.  Here are some examples:

Creativity for Kids craft kits! Great as a one-item loot bag $5.99
Playmobil "Specials" $3.49

Mars Mud!  Gross fart putty that is always a winner $1.99

Frog to Prince!  Add water and live happily ever after $2.99
Airplane Glider! Build it and fly it! $3.99

Pens, Pencils, and funky erasers!  $0.49 - $1.99

Wooden Train Whistle!  Great for the really little ones $1.99

 Monstaz!  An awesome single-item loot bag! $5.99

And there's tons more to see in store.

So you would like to have some custom loot bags made by Jouets Choo-Choo?

How Many Kids will be at the Party? 
Have your list of guests (and their ages) on hand.  Be ready to tell us how many kids will be attending the party.

Of course there are always last-minute RSVP's...  If someone should RSVP after you have ordered your loot bags, no worries!  Just give us a call, we'd be glad to add a few loot bags to your order at the last minute.

As for those who show up unannounced, have 1-2 gender-neutral loot bags made just in case.  If they are left over, they can always go to the birthday boy/girl, a neighbour, a cousin...

When is the Party?
It is really important that we have enough notice to prepare your loot bags. You should come to the store to order your loot bags five days in advance.  For example, if you have planned your birthday party for Saturday, then order your loot bags no later than Monday. For very small orders (2 to 5 loot bags), we may be able to prepare them on the spot, if it isn't too busy in the store.

Customizing your Loot Bags
This is where the expertise of our staff comes into play!  Tell us the age group(s) of your guests, and we'll be able to give you lots of age-appropriate suggestions.   Create a loot bag with a whole bunch of fun trinkets, or choose a larger single-item gift like a craft kit or a small Playmobil.  We're always trying to find new and different items for you to impress your guests.  We've got something for every age group, and every budget!

Once you've picked out your items, it's time to decide on a final touch.  You can choose to label the loot bags with the name of each kid attending your party, perhaps you'd prefer a more simple "Thank You!".  Or maybe you've got something else in mind; just let us know!

Payment and Pickup
As mentioned before, the service is free :)  No charge for bags, or ribbon, or name tags!  All loot bag orders must be paid for in advance.  Once paid, you can forget about it and leave the rest to us!  Decide on a pickup date (and time!) that's convenient for you, and you'll be on your way!

Hope to see you soon ;)

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